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#Heights of #Interview

You get a call informing there is a #job #opportunity suitable for your #profile.

You respond to the call spending 5 minutes.

Further you take 15 minutes to #prepare #resume as per their #requirement.

Again you get a call saying you are #shortlisted for 123 company and a #discussion goes on for 10 more minutes.

#Another 15 minutes goes as to how to #give #interview.

#Finally a team from 123 company calls you to conduct your interview. As soon as you get the call you prepare an atmosphere to give interview answering according to his wish and not yours. Another 20 to 25 minutes gone!

After 4 or 5 days the HR calls back saying you are selected for face to face interview.

You decide to give F2F alsooo!!!

For face to face interview altogether 4 to 5 hrs is gone. Forget it if it's in some other city than the one you're residing in.

Totally 8 hrs of our life is gone and we get a reply after the interview saying "We will get back to you".

My question here is,,,

Why can't the #HRs or #Mangers say directly if we are selected or not????

If you give the results directly, we are not going to take away your laptop, watch, wallet or car key.

Irrespective of whether we get the job or not we still have food, bed etc required for our lives.

50% of the people take-up the interview seriously and its important for them. They will be eagerly waiting to know the results leaving all the other jobs. Your single statement "selected or rejected" will be very important for these kind of people.

Another 50% of the people are like me. They go to the office to check whether A.C. is working well or not? How many employees are working ? How is the infrastructure? Etc.

And I get to know by the first question in the interview whether I will get the offer or not.

So far I have given 67 interviews since I started my career. In the first 30 interviews I was one among the first bunch of 50% people hoping to get the offer. In the next interviews I am among the next bunch of 50% people knowing they won't get the offer.

The reasons is "#English #communication" from companies' point of view. My job is to design, Am I going to #narrate an #epic there???

It's good to be straight forward which saves everyone's time.

Thank You

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