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A thought then. A reality now.

So many thoughts. At so many locations. Because of so many situations. Many among those thoughts are not even in my memory now. But this one thought erupted every now and then like a dormant volcano. This time it erupted violently and made an impact.

More than half of the persons, who contacted me for freelance graphic designing, had their concepts clear in their minds. They needed help only for the execution. Many among the rest also had concepts in their minds but needed some more clarity and a help for execution. Youth of the day have clear concepts, a vision of their concept emerges in reality, an idea of graphics. They know what they want.

But it's difficult to search that helping hand which is well-versed or proficient in both softwares and sketches. For big organization's, it's easy to outsource branding, brand management etc as they are ready to strike a deal with a renowned agency. Many a times the credibility of the agency is decided based on the amount they quote rather than the output. There are successes and failures here also. A big wallet doesn't always ensure success. Effectively, for big organizations, it's a part of business strategy.

Small and medium enterprises, start-ups, silent winners do not follow this path generally. Firstly, they cannot easily spend such a big amount of money. Secondly, it's a pleasure for them to get involved in every step of their business. But it's difficult at the same time. In my case, I lost so much of time learning how to build a website when I couldn't outsource it due to my inability to spend the quoted amount of money.

Money has to be spent to grow the business. But cannot afford to spend very much. Qualified, capable people with technological know-how do not come handy for less money. You can get a mob of freelancers for right from ₹500 to ₹1 lakh. Generally, a freelancer for ₹500 gives an output which is of 'not so good' category and most of the businessmen cannot spend ₹1 lakh for a freelancer just to get the satisfactory output. That's the paradoxical point in a business. Hence the case for competent human resource at reasonable cost.


Here a designer with 2-3 years of experience takes a day for the execution of your concept. The best part of Go-designer is that the designer comes to your location and executes your concept, helps you improvise the concept. Within a span of 5-6 hours, your concept is a reality and right there on your table.

For any entrepreneur who is looking for a professional graphic designer with a budget of ₹5000-₹7000, Go-designer is the ideal choice.

Giving someone a chance to build the basics of your business outlook without even meeting him in person seems to me like giving an opportunity of naming my kid to a stranger.

Our designer comes to your location. Know him. Let him know you. Tune the string of rapport for those 5-6 hours and get the best output.

I wish there shall be professional, creative, innovative designs for every big business-big or small; local or global.

You grow. Your growth grows us.

My thought then is a reality now. We want to help you make your dream a reality.

Contact Us: +918884422228

Thank you

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