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My name is Abhijit J.K. I have worked as a graphic designer for the past 8 years, both as a freelancer and as an employee in different design and media sectors. Over the years, I have acquired experiences and skills which enable me to nurture nascent ideas so they may grow into thriving businesses. I have been catering to different requirements from businesses, each at different stages of growth. As a consequence of this, I have grown adept at fulfilling design needs from brochures, templates, product packaging and company profiles, to UI/UX, mobile application and website design. I am proficient at using all the design software prevalent today. Additionally, I am competent at analysing market trends to understand consumer needs and developing strategies to capture them, even from existing competitors. I also execute campaigns over print and social media so as to meet the marketing needs of businesses.

Acquiring all of these skills and knowledge has not been easy, but it hasn’t been a grind either. It is my love for design, and my desire to help people actualise their dreams that have been fuelling my efforts so far. I am eager to see where else they take me in the future.

I owe my knack for design largely to my education in the fine arts. I completed my Master's degree in Fine Art from the Chamarajendra College of Visual Arts in Mysore, Karnataka. My formal training has equipped me with the ability to integrate colours, aesthetics and geometry to design products which satisfy my clients and me.

Designing is a journey and traveling through its tricky and challenging terrain, my calling. For me, great design is not the destination, but the default outcome of every such journey. It is a process which is a joy to witness, as it unfolds into ever greater functionality and beauty. It demands a truckload of madness in its making, as I alternate between meeting the brand’s essentials, and experiencing revelations which helps the brand supersede its current limits.

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